Chew Toys, Water Buffalo

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Leather Cowhide Bone Molar Stick Snack Food Treats 


Product description

Product name: Dog chew toys

Use for: Dog

Color: Brown

Material: Raw cowhide

Size       Length

XS-------------1.97”/5cm/10pcs in 1 pack

S --------------3.15”/8cm/4pcs in 1 pack

M-------------3.94”/10cm/2pcs in 1 pack

L--------------5.12”/13cm/2pcs in 1 pack


This product is made from the inner layer of buffalo leather. It can provide some nutrients to the canines, such as protein, fat, vitamins, etc., but also can be used to grind the dog’ teeth, meet the natural habits of dog chewing, but also strengthen the gums and cheekbones, clean the mouth, eliminate tartar and reduce disease transmission. In addition, the dog grows up likes to bite things, especially before and after changing teeth. If the dog is not properly vented, they will destroy the furniture when the owner does not pay attention. The dog chew can also be used as a toy for the dog to avoid biting things at home.

Package includes:1 pack of chew bones (10)

Size: XS'S; M; L



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