Chew Toys, High-Quality

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Gauge: 10
Main raw material: high quality water buffalo.
Main ingredients: crude protein is more than 60% moisture less than 20 of crude fat is less than or equal to 5%
Introduction: suitable for large edible dogs, effectively reducing plaque, plaque, gingivitis, and other dirt.
This product is made from the inner skin of high-quality water. It can provide some essential nutrients such as canine animal, protein, fat, vitamins,
But also to the dog's teeth, meet the dogs love to chew the natural habits,
At the same time also strong gums and jaw bone, clean mouth, remove tartar, reduce the spread of the disease.
In addition, dog chews can be used as dog toys, avoid chewed daily. Is a canine animal by nature like one of the healthy food.
Dog growth stage likes to bite, especially before and after the change of teeth, if not let the dog appropriate vent, they will while the owners do not pay attention to the damaged furniture,
In addition to biting a bad outside will be eaten, causing gastrointestinal discomfort; and the dog biting glue is for his dog-like so bite nature and design, the hard leather can not only
Let the dog's teeth, remove tartar, 100% natural ingredients even if the dog had eaten too, and with it, dogs will no longer find furniture trouble!!!
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