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For a well-groomed appearance, dogs need to be brushed regularly. Slicker Brushes are designed to easily remove mats while pulling out dead hair. Brushing your dog stimulates the skin to promote healthy circulation and increase shine.

Key Benefits
  • Removes mats and dead hair
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Bristles massage and stimulate the skin to promote healthy circulation while increasing coat shine

 No. 1 comb (needle comb part) 7.5 * 3.5 cm, comb outside (whole) is 13.5*10 cm,the knotting of hairs for daily grooming

 No. 2  comb is about 13.5*10 cm long and about 3 cm wide. Needle length is 1.2 cm,Used to remove rubbish from pet hair, remove fleas and tick,

[Description]: It is very effective for preventing the knotting of hairs for the daily grooming of small dogs or cats. It is the first necessary tool for keeping pets.
The pincushion of this product is flexible and will not hurt the pet.
For Small and medium dogs 、 cats such as VIPs, Yorkshire, and other pets.
Regularly groom your hair, not only beautiful, clean, hair is fluffy and smooth but also can increase the feelings. Comb not only prevents hair tangling but also makes the pet's hair more supple and radiant. It also promotes blood circulation, enhances skin resistance and relieves fatigue. After combing, the hair can be fluffy and prevent knotting.

Customer Reviews

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Had this item for a while and been using it to groom a cocker spaniel. Quality is good, doesn’t have sharp ends that hurt the dog. Recommend!


I do not understand, Toli with the marriage came pukhoderka, toli is)))


Good chesalka, but the delivery is very long even which is paid, but it's all for our dibular mail of Russia.


Ordered 9.09 received 1.11. All as in the description, but less size than expected. More will be served for smooth-haired, I have a fluffy with a long pile and Combes by 50%


Delivery month, goods without damage. The comb is miniature, suitable only for small animals. The cat appreciated the purchase as a toy, on the first day gnawed the entire handle.

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