Door Security Flap, 4 Way Lock

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Tips: The product screws are uniformly distributed in the factory because the thickness of each door will definitely be different. If the screws are not suitable for installation, you need to purchase them separately. The size of the other large and medium size can be thinned. If the thickness of the door is less than 5cm, please cut it thinly with scissors and mark it with a scale! ! ! In addition, the small size cat door has only four screw holes on the main panel, and the rear panel has no screw holes. Because this trumpet is mainly installed on the glass door and window, it needs to be glued. The glue needs to be purchased by itself. Just to make it look good! !!
  Product Material: ABS material (smooth surface, very strong)
 4 ways to set: not to enter (completely closed) / can be entered (completely open) / can only enter / only out
  Outside size: height 25CM* width 23.5CM* thickness 5.5CM
  Inner size: inner height 19CM* inner door width 18CM
Size: M
  Outside size: height 19.8CM* width 19CM* thickness 5.5CM
 Inner size: height 15.5CM* inner door width 14.7CM
Size: S
  Outer size: height 19.8CM* width 19CM* thickness 1.8CM (suitable for installing glass doors and windows)
  Inner size: height 15.5CM* inner door width 14.7CM
Regarding the size standard of the opening when installing: the large opening height is 21.5cm and the width is 19.5cm; the medium and small opening height is 17.5cm and the width is 16.5cm; in addition, if the glass is installed, it can be opened again, as long as it is smaller than the cat. The outer dimensions of the door are OK, because there is no need to make screw holes on the mounting glass, and directly glue the glass glue or super glue!

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The door is good, mounted easily, cats on the second day mastered, I advise!




The doors walked for a long time, almost lost. Swing well, but if you open widely then get stuck. It is not very convenient if the street is cold.


Thank you all super


This is super product :)

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