Ropes, Cotton, Latex, Washable, 100% Safe

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Q: Why do your pets need toys?

A: Grinding is the nature of dogs, toys can help the pet molar, strong and clean teeth. Toys can help a dog’s mental development, make the dog more lively and lovely. Then your pet will not feel lonely or upset when you are out of the home. Playing with the dog, let the dog be more interested in toys, and cultivate master and dog’s emotions. Toys can reduce the dog’s disruptive behavior, protect the home shoes, socks, bed sheets sofa, etc. You are not afraid of big damage or mess made by your dog.

Q: What kind of toys are suitable for your pet?

A: 100% SAFE and made of Washable 100% Natural Cotton Fibers, Latex and rubber which is hand-knitted for super tough biting, tugging, and tossing. These delightful and very colorful toys are plastic-free, non-toxic with no chemicals to harm your pet. These toys are a good variety of assortments, our dog's favorite toys, they like chewing rope and plush squeaky toys, playing tug of war, throw and fetch, etc. Squeaky toys can attract the attention of the dog, the sound is small and does not make noise.

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