Ball, Color Changing LED

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Pet Dog Training Products Color Changing Led Rubber Elastic Ball Toys Bite Resistant Funny Chew Toys


1, Training ball, training special competition activities
2, PET and host Interactive entertainment, enhance feelings
3, Divert attention, remove anxiety, stabilize pet mood
4, Pet exercise, promote pet health Why do you need a flashing dog ball? The bright color is visible, easy to use at night

Use tips:
1, The first time to use, you need to draw the insulation inside the battery, and then exercise activation. When activated, just throw the ball up and you can shine.
2, The vibration will flash 20 seconds, 20 seconds later, automatically extinguish, save the environment.

Battery Replacement:
1, Use of coins or many tools, such as the knob to remove the battery pack piece of glue.
2. Extract the battery pack from the sleeve and take the old battery.
3, Install the new battery, put into the kit, again knob back to the original position

Floating on the water can do aquatic sports props
Cruise Time: 35 hours
Use of batteries: two CR 2032
Waterproof Grade: IPX8
Gram Weight: 116 grams
To vibrate once: 20 seconds of light and then automatically extinguish
 Specification :
Materials: TPR
Design style: Ball shape
Waterproof: grade IPX8
Color option: WHITE ( LED will have rainbow color to change )
Size:Approx.6.0cm diameter
 Package included :
1 x LED pet dog puzzle ball

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