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Bellas Petstor

Free Shipping on Orders over $25 (Only good in the continental United States)

Shipping Details after receipt of payment, suppliers will typically  ship within 1-2 business days. Orders can be expected to arrive within 3-7 business days from the order date. Most items will use Flat Rate Shipping Tiers:

$3.95 for orders             0 - 1 lb 

$5.95 for orders        1.01 - 5 lbs

$9.95 for orders       5.01 - 10 lbs

$12.95 for orders   10.01 - 15 lbs

$15.95 for orders   15.01 - 20 lbs

$18.95 for orders   20.01 - 25 lbs

$21.95 for orders   25.01 - 30 lbs

30 lbs + actual shipping rates apply

Please note: The above rates assume one package being shipped. There could be additional costs if items purchased are from different suppliers. In these multi-shipment scenarios, the shipping costs are calculated by estimated carrier rates and billed/approved prior to shipment.

Tracking and drop-off without signatures are normal for most items, depending on who the supplier is. There is always a tracking number that shows where the parcel is at all times. It is best to give a couple of weeks if your items are coming from overseas. It used to take longer, but with technology, and other aspects, deliveries are improving. In the US average shipping time is 3-4 days depending on your location to that particular supplier. 

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