About Us

My goals: I've always loved animals. My heart goes out to those that are being mistreated or simply can't take care of themselves. My goal is to help these and all animals to obtain a better quality of life. The posts on my social platforms will offer relevant tips & advice, entertaining dialog & pictures, and also share photos & videos of cute pets. I will also publish blogs that contain relevant information. BellasPetStor will offer quality & unique items at a discount price. 1st-time customers get a 20% discount.

Name: Kenneth Verzani

Age: 67

My business: BellasPetStor

Where I live: Albuquerque, NM

What I do for fun:

I take Bella out for a walk every day or should I say she takes me. It not only gives her some exercise, but me too.  Usually, when I have free time, I’m watching movies. I also like to cook. I don't get much free time when I'm building this Web Store. I’d rather be active and doing stuff than sitting on the couch though.

My favorite travel spot:

I lived in Las Vegas NV for 45 years. I haven't been back there for awhile, but when I get a chance to travel, that's probably where I will go.

TV I’m watching:

When I'm watching TV, it's usually a movie or series. Recently I watched the final episodes of Game of Thrones. The last movie  I watched was El Camino, which was filmed locally.

In a typical week:

I wake up, take Bella for a walk after I have my coffee. Come back and have breakfast. I will either go to work doing demos at Sam's Club or I will work on BellasPetStor. That seems to take most of my time anymore. I finally go to sleep, and then I repeat it. It’s a pretty fun schedule.