About Us

Our goals: I've always loved animals. My heart goes out to those that are being mistreated or simply can't take care of themselves. My goal is to help these and all animals to obtain a better quality of life. I believe the best way to accomplish this is to educate the people who have any kind of contact with our furry friends and not only learn from our mistakes but our accomplishments as well. 

Social Platforms: The posts on my social platforms will offer relevant tips & advice, entertaining dialog & pictures, and also share photos & videos of cute and funny pets. I will also publish blogs that contain relevant information. Bella's PetStor will offer quality & unique items at a discount price.My present goal is to learn as much as I can on what makes up the best quality pet foods & treats, for example and pass that information on to pet parents and anyone who wants to know more in these areas. 

Training and Keeping Healthy: At the same time I think that it is important to develop good training techniques, rather they be new ideas or older proven methods. It's the results that make a difference. I also like learning more about keeping our pets healthy and preventing things that become problems later on. Basically anything that improves their lifestyle while at the same time improving ours. I focus on finding articles that have value and fill a need in our lives. It’s a pretty fun schedule, but somebody has to do it!

 Our Future: We already tried to grow up but we found that as things grow, they become more complicated and confusing. We felt that to fill the needs of a select group of individuals, we needed to focus more on quality rather than quantity. looking for new ideas, ways to improve our pet's life style along with ours while not forgetting their extended family, all other animals, birds, and fish. We will always be learning about the things around us, how to improve the things we can, and how to live with the things we can't change.  It is my desire to leave this earth with at least one good accomplishment that will be beneficial to those around me.

At you service,

Kenneth Verzani,